Interview Skills

General Interview Advice from Rotarians in Business

What are the things an employer is looking for?

Things like.............

Facebook, X (Twitter), Tik Tok accounts - what content is on them? Would you want your Grandma seeing it? If not then it won't look good to your employer either!

A decent hand shake. Firm grip, look into their eyes, smile.

Answer e-mails sent to you, reply to texts. Phone back if you missed a call.

What is your phone greeting like? Is it professional?

Eye contact.

Your interview starts before your first interaction. It's what other see in your behaviours. Employers will talk to others to see what they can find out about you. 

Employers are seeing if you are a fit for their organisation.

Have you been in a team?

When your employer is older than you they may use "platforms" that you don't normally use. Suck it up and use their platform.

Turn your phone off in the interview.

Turn your phone off in the interview.

Turn your phone off in the interview.

Turn your phone off in the interview.

Interact with others who may be in the office, interview area etc. The receptionist will often be assessing you too!

Remember people's names and use them. A trick to help remember names is to say their name when shaking their hands as you are introduced.

Turn up on time.

Dress appropriately, have pride in your appearance.

Have confidence.

Be relaxed.

Have a good question to ask about their business.

Research their business, visit their website.

Have examples on hand for where you have excelled, how you have dealt with certain circumstances. You can google typical interview questions for example sheets like this.

Answer questions clearly. Take your time to do so.

The oddest of questions maybe asked, often nothing to do with the business - but it is designed to see how quickly you are able to think on your feet and the logic/articulation of your answer. You can't prepare for this but just take a moment to give thought to an appropriate answer, then wing it from there.

Be ready to answer open-ended questions. Give me an example of... Tell me a time when... How would you handle...
This is often related to how you handle conflict so prepare an appropriate example for that.


Look at your feet.



Say I don't know.

Smell like a brewery.

Answer questions with a 'Yes' or a 'No' unless it is the only response that is required. 

Have your phone on.

For CV's

They need to be shorter rather than longer.

They don't have to have that you can swim 50 metres unless the job involves that.

Taylor it to the actual job and the skills required for the job.

Make sure your have spoken to your referees about what jobs you are applying for.

Mum and Dad, Aunts and Uncles aren't referees, neither is your friends Mum.

Have a great personal statement at the start.

If you copy/cut and paste, make sure you proof-read it and edit it appropriately.


Contact us if you would like to arrange a practise interview. We have many members in our club experienced in hiring people and some who are experts in the field. We will likely be able to find someone willing to give their time freely to help you prepare.