About Joining

Typically a prospective member will attend a number of meetings before deciding to commit to joining. Meetings are fortnightly on a Wednesday with occasional additional events held at other times and you may RSVP as a guest by clicking here.

We know life is busy. Once a member there are no minimum attendance records or mandatory projects - you just come when you can and help out with what projects you want. Choose a project that interests you and get involved. Come up with new ideas for fundraising or serving the community. Bring friends along to meetings.

Rotary is an international organisation and membership allows you to visit other clubs around New Zealand and around the world where you will meet leaders from your host community.

Rotary membership is also a great local networking opportunity and younger members benefit from mentoring of experienced Rotarians which helps develop leadership skills and contacts for your professional life, all while serving the community.

The first step is to email oamarurotary@gmail.com and ask when the next meeting is, or fill out the form below to apply.